About Us

INTENT Jewellery is a contemporary designer jewellery brand; completely and proudly UK-made and designed. INTENT collections have a tactile, intriguing juxtaposition of delicacy and weight and are so thoughtfully designed and laboured over by hand during manufacture. The launch GEOMETRIA COLLECTION is made in its entirety of 925 Sterling Silver with touches of Black Rhodium, Yellow and Rose Gold plating and enamel detailing throughout. INTENT Jewellery is known for their clean lines, sharp precise edges and really masterful finishes and a controlled hand over all of our, often-unpredictable, solid metals.


The GEOMETRIA COLLECTION is inspired by the purity and familiarity of Sacred Geometry, Numerology and recognisable geometric shapes. Every piece of our jewellery is never just that. As a company we will never make a piece that is not also a tiny powerhouse reminder. The INTENT approach inspires us to revisit the Shamanic practice of ‘working with energy’ in a very modern way; calling on archetypal energies to aid our spiritual growth. Through pure intention, you can invite your chosen energy to you and can encourage the focus of conscious living; and practice the law of attraction by keeping your small reminder around your neck or on your wrist and acknowledging its energy always. Each piece of jewellery will sit unassuming on the body in a very subtle and intimate way; always on a small scale but which will weigh heavily with significance to the wearer.

Each piece could be owned and worn one hundred times over and mean something different to each wearer. Whether your INTENT piece is to keep for yourself or to gift to another, they are to be cherished and valued as if they are a part of your whole. Our brand treasures (and happily shares) the stories, experiences and milestones that attach themselves to every piece of INTENT Jewellery sold. We celebrate and encourage the individual; we want to connect and inspire a global community of people who are all in love with understanding and taking care of themselves – mind, body and spirit.

Our intention for YOU is to be inspired. To be introspective, abundant and healthy and to live in harmony with both yourself and each other, consciously and mindfully.

We believe our products are beloved investments, we think adorning the body should never be a throwaway task so all our care goes toward making sure we offer you a steadfast and beautiful signature. Every design is also hand-stamped with our own minute powerhouse INTENT symbol hallmark.

Every INTENT piece sees its journey through from idea to design, to handcraft and finish, here in our United Kingdom. Our aim is to deliver to every corner of the globe so our intentions can be far-reaching and we can connect with people worldwide. We are ever so grateful for you; for supporting British talent.