A New Chapter In Our Journey

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Intent Jewellery was born from an innate sense of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit whilst being supported fully by a lifetime of spiritual enquiry. My (Sarah) passion was realised when my very creative daughter Vicky helped pull a persistent, but unreachable, vision into a fully present, third dimensional reality.

It took over two years from the first insight, to find a simple way of sharing the vast energy, timeless wisdom and divine knowledge, that was represented within each piece of jewellery. The challenge was to condense something so vast, in a way that would speak to the wearer, without watering down the multidimensional meanings in each piece. We knew that each piece could be worn by many people and the significance would be different to each one, so we took comfort that the pieces would speak for us on the levels that we had not expressed within the web site.

Our recent photo shoot was a big step for us in merging the original, design led, web site we created, with the work I do at home in Field of Healing. Our intention for the web site revamp, is to fully own and shout about the spiritual aspect of what we have created. We received the confirmation that we were on the right path, as we watched our model embrace, for the first time, some of the tools we use here in the field. Drumming, smudging, using cards for guidance, working with crystals and the Labyrinth, are the norm for visitors to our events here.

Our little team of helpers, including our model, photographer and make up artist, worked effortlessly all day, as the universe guided us in creating a new look for our web site; and as always happens when things are meant to be, we completed our work refreshed and inspired.

Credit for most of these photos go to the combined efforts of:

Photography - Sarah Brookes Photography

Model - Girl on Fire

Make Up - Anita Hamer

Venue - Field of healing

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