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Intent is a UK designed and made brand of Jewellery.  Made from silver and raw crystals, with touches of Rhodium, Yellow and Rose Gold. Inspired by Spiritual Consciousness, Numerology and Sacred Geometry. Every piece of our jewellery has intention and meaning, so that each piece acts as a tiny powerhouse reminder.

The INTENT approach inspires us to revisit the shamanic practice of ‘working with energy’ in a very modern way; calling on archetypal energies to aid our spiritual growth. Through pure intention, you can invite your chosen energy to you and can encourage the focus of conscious living; and practice the law of attraction by wearing your small reminder and acknowledging its energy always.

The Geometria Collection is our original collection and takes us on a journey through the numbers one to nine. This journey tells us of the evolution of our consciousness, as we continually travel through nine year cycles. Using numerology and sacred geometry and featuring iconic symbols such as the Yin and Yang, Flower of Life, and Labyrinth it can guide us on our spiritual path.

The Sacred Symbols Collection was born as we added two more iconic sacred symbol pieces to our existing range of silver jewellery. The Merkabah and Torus necklaces sit at the core of this new collection complimenting the Flower of Life, Yin and Yang and our two Labyrinth necklaces. Sacred Geometry speaks to us on levels our conscious minds can not understand and each of the pieces in this collection will do just that. 

Our Elemental Collection is all about crystals. Used for centuries for their healing potential and their metaphysical properties, that interact with our mind, body and spirit. This collection of necklaces will just keep on growing as we source and add small raw crystals onto our fine silver curb chain. Each crystal holds its own vibration and meaning and can be related to different chakras, as well as connecting with us on a physical, mental and emotional level.

All of our  jewellery will sit unassuming on the body in a very subtle and intimate way; always on a small scale but which will weigh heavily with significance to the wearer. Each piece could be owned and worn one hundred times over and mean something different to each wearer. Whether your INTENT piece is to keep for yourself or to gift to another, they are to be cherished and valued as if they are a part of your whole.