• Where Is INTENT’s Jewellery Made?
All of our jewellery is designed and handcrafted in the UK, we are proudly a Great Britain-based company.

• How Do I Order INTENT Jewellery?
The only way to order INTENT products are directly through www.intent.co.uk or via affiliated stockists. For the complete list of stockists, please see here.

• What Delivery Times and Rates Can I Expect?
For a full breakdown of delivery prices and timescales please see our Delivery & Returns information.

Can I Ship To A Different Address Than My Billing Address?
Yes definitely, at checkout just specify that your shipping address is different to your billing address and we shall dispatch accordingly.

• How Will My INTENT Jewellery Be Packaged?
Every order will be packaged beautifully and safely in full INTENT-branded packaging. Your piece(s) will be nestled in their own box, with a protective sleeve. You will be given the option to tick for a complimentary bag if you are intending to gift your purchase to someone special. It will be flat-packed on delivery so it stays in great condition.

• How Can I Return or Exchange Items?
Please see the second part of our Delivery & Returns policy for an in-depth explanation of the return/exchange process and the corresponding contact details to do so. Outlined here is also specific information regarding unsatisfactory, damaged or defective orders.

• What If The Item I Want Isn’t in Stock?
If the item you are watching is currently marked ‘Out of Stock’, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@intent.co.uk. We will immediately add you to our mailing list for that item and you will be notified when it is available again.

How Can I Tell if My INTENT Jewellery is Genuine?
Each piece will be certified with our INTENT hallmark and will have the classic INTENT symbol tag at the fastening. If you buy through www.intent.co.uk or through a stockist listed on this website, you can be assured your product is genuine.

• Who Do I Contact If I Have Any Questions?
Please feel free to get in touch with us here. We have provided multiple points of contact that will be happy to answer any queries you have, any day of the week.

• How Can I Find Out More About the Messages and Meanings of My Jewellery?
INTENT are an active team of creative and spiritual people; it is our interest to filter our goings-on and knowledge to you through our website and blog. These together will provide lots of relevant and interesting information about the jewellery we sell and the origins of their meanings.
Our BlogInstagramPinterestTwitterFacebookVilloid and YouTube social media platforms will all be regularly updated and make good points of reference for all our day-to-day intentions and inspirations.

• How Do I Look After My Jewellery?
Please refer to our ‘Wear & Care’ page for full guidelines and suggestions about how to keep your jewellery at its best. You will find information on caring for your pieces, cleaning and storing them.