A Higher Perspective

‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’ – Wayne Dyer

Being one of those people who likes to find meaning and wisdom in even the most mundane situations can be a fun past time. It can lead you down all sorts of pathways and rabbit holes, in your search for the deeper meaning of life or your own soul purpose. But for those closest to you – especially the ones who don’t see life in quite the same way – it can appear ridiculous and even be a real pain in the @#! listening to someone harping on about the apparent messages offered in each given moment.

The arrival on our little smallholding this week, of two baby pigs was an exciting time. But not so much for our two sheep who have never in their three years of life, seen such creatures. It was funny to watch their surprise; and then concern and agitation, at their two new noisy next-door neighbours. Sheep being sheep and pigs being pigs, I’m pleased to confirm that this state of affairs did not last long. Things have settled down and the sheep are now quite interested; and interested more so in the extra food that comes their way now.

With these antics at home I have also had a few of connections with people this week, who are struggling to accept specific situations and people that have made themselves firmly at home in their lives; all leading me to contemplate the subject of perspective. What sets us apart as a species from, for example, our animal friends, is our ability to think, analyse and develop a perspective on ‘life’ in its vastness. These perspectives are a product of our upbringing; of the company we keep, our culture and political views to name but a few influencers. But what if our perspectives are making us unhappy or are creating tension and conflict with those around us? Or, heaven forbid, are even wrong?! Our first and intrinsically human avenue of thought is to blame the other party; because after all nobody likes to be wrong! But what if nobody has to be wrong, or right for that matter? What if all we have to do, to bring harmony back into our life, is to change our perspective on the situation? The power of empathy can be monumental…

What if the new next-door neighbours who didn’t look as though they would ‘fit’ into your neighbourhood, were just stressed and overwhelmed at their change of environment and routine. They’re actually have potential to be your great friends?

What if your work colleague who offended you in some way was dealing with a shattering experience at home? Their defensive coping mechanism overruled, when all they were really wanting to do was reach out for help, albeit in an odd way?

What if your resentment and anger at someone was actually some deeply unconscious and unrecognised anger at yourself?

What if the arguments between you and your partner are just desperate attempts to make you see each others point of view; and if you could actually step out of your own hurt for a moment, you may just recognise the same desperate need to be understood and loved in the other?

The list goes on …

If we could just stop for one second; stop the judgements. Step outside of ourselves for a moment. Take a look at the situation from a different view point. We might be able to see the situation in a totally new light and with a completely new perspective. To be the loving witness of your own life; observe before reacting and think. Love before responding; see before deciding. The more space we leave between our understanding of a situation and our ensuing actions; the more compassionate and empathic our choices can be.

Watching an Eagle or other birds of prey circle high above is a beautiful metaphor for seeing life from a higher, more enlightened perspective. Always keen for a universal nudge, I would gladly acknowledge this sight as a reminder to try and see the other side of the coin. There are millions of people across this planet that debate daily the state of the world and its political upheaval. We are pretty much divided in two as a planet; everyone has their own sense of truth and perspective. So deeply rooted is this sense of truth in some, that it can be crippling and blinding and offers nothing but a frustrating absence of considerate perspective.

My only suggestion on this huge topic is to mirror the metaphor of the Eagle. Set the intention to see life from a higher perspective. This is from an advocate of the power of the Labyrinth as a tool for connecting to the Soul for guidance and a new perspective; from someone who can hold their hands up with experience and say yes, life’s challenges can seemingly fall away when you step outside of the fray and look at life from both sides. (Thank you Joni Mitchell for a great line)

There are no rights or wrongs there are just different perspectives. All we can do is intuitively follow the calling of our own highest understanding and belief system; to honour our own truths whilst respecting and accepting the truths of others, even if they do not align with our own. All we can hope for is to learn to cohabit with each other and accept each other, even if one of us has woolly fur and the other is pink and squeals. At best we may get to like each other despite our obvious differences and even better learn openness, to see life from a different point of view.

INTENTION: I look for a higher perspective to help me understand

Artwork by illustrator Matt Blease –

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