INTENT: The Hidden Symbol

The Square – The earth, our physical reality. The Circle – The void, the universe, the place from where, we and everything in existence, comes from. The point – The seed of creation, our intention.

The hidden symbol that is our logo and on every INTENT gift box, is a powerful reminder of our creative potential. It is a symbolic representation of our ability to create with our intentions, that which we dream of, and to bring that dream into a physical reality.

We are in constant conversation with the quantum field, through our thoughts, emotions and feelings and we are creating our reality every moment of our life, whether consciously or unconsciously. Our symbol is a reminder to be mindful and conscious of your thoughts and intentions.

“The squaring of the circle is a stage on the way to the unconscious, a point of transition leading to a goal lying as yet unformulated beyond it. It is one of those paths to the centre.” Carl Jung

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