Gift giving made simple with INTENT

Gift-Giving Made Simple with INTENT It’s Mid-November and time to start thinking about Christmas presents! Buying for someone else can be hard enough, so we thought we would make life a little easier in the run up to Christmas by helping you navigate through all the talk of energies, numerology and sacred geometry. With the gift-giving season just around the corner, we’ve put together here the complete list of meanings of all the pieces in our Geometria Collection. Browse the list and see which one you are drawn to. Simply click on the photo to be taken directly to our shop and learn more.

Number 01 – MONAD – The Present

Number 01 – MONAD – Transformation

Number 02 – DRYAD – Balance

Number 02 – DRYAD – Partnership

Number 03 – TRIAD – Creation

Number 03 – TRIAD – Trinity

Number 04 – TETRAD – Gaia

Number 05 – PENTAD – Love

Number 06 – HEXAD – Conscious Living

Number 07 – HEPTAD – Awakening

Number 08 – OCTAD – Cosmic Connections

Number 09 – ENNEAD – Release

Tetrahedron – The Platonic Solids – Empowerment

Hexahedron – The Platonic Solids – Grounding

Octahedron – The Platonic Solids – Healing

Dodecahedron – The Platonic Solids – Soul Purpose

Icosahedron – The Platonic Solids – Universal Flow

HINT : And if you are still struggling to choose … 2017 is a Number One year so gifting either of our two sphere necklaces (within the MONAD category) would be a great way to concentrate intentional thought on the new beginnings that will be the leading theme of our New Year.

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