Sharing abundance


A stolen moment of bliss this morning, as I sat down to stretch out some aching muscles, after a mixed bag of physical, emotional and mental work this week, (and its not finished yet). I had just rolled out my yoga mat, in front of the patio doors, and found myself in the perfect spot for a yoga sun bath. That illusive celestial being, called the Sun ( here in the UK we’ve barely seen the Sun for 6 months), decided to show me its true power and glory in that moment.

The session ended with a request for some inspiration from the universe, via a set of tarot cards by Colette Baron Reid. In perfect synchronicity I drew the Sun card and below is her beautiful affirmation for this card.

Sun – Abundance

“At this time, everything is possible, and every-thing I need to know is illuminated. Projects come to fruition, relationships flourish and my growth is assured. This is a time for plenty. It’s important that I share this abundance with others. I am deeply grateful.”

This is me sharing my abundance with you. If I hadn’t stepped off the roller coaster of life this morning, I would have missed a magical earthly moment and a timely bit of divine advice. Don’t forget that, in this crazy world we live in, the best moments are when you become still, tune in to the present moment and take a look around.

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