New Years Resolution #1 – An Attitude of Gratitude

There is nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa during December, with a mountain of mince pies and far too much brandy butter, planning our new years healthy eating regime, along with all the other resolutions that seem so easy and achievable in that deliciously indulgent moment. We all know deep inside, that most of our new years resolutions will fade by the end of January, and that’s if they even make it to the start line. But every year those of us that love this little ritual enjoy planning our new life.

It is of no surprise that January is the month we do this. Holding the energy of the number one and new beginnings, it is a perfect time to draw from the void our deepest desires and, from these, form our new year resolutions. If you think about our evolution of consciousness through the story of numbers, we can see why some or even most of our resolutions barely reach the end of January. By February the seeds we planted in January have had a chance to germinate. But and this is the big BUT; have we cared for and fed those seeds of intent? Could the reason most of our new years resolutions fall by the way side and die, be because we don’t feed, love and nurture them into fruition but, even worse, prematurely kill them with fear, overwhelm and disbelief in ourselves?

We had this timely reminder during a little flurry of creative activity over the Christmas holiday. We had decided to honour our first years anniversary by marking on a globe every country or state that our Intent Jewellery had been shipped to. When we had finished (see our blog photo for the end result) we were astounded at how far reaching our intent had travelled and were in complete amazement at the support across the globe that we had received from our customers. The over riding emotion that came from this was a deep Gratitude and Joy, that what we had planted a year ago was now starting to spread all over the world.

The reminder for us was that to nourish your new years resolutions you need to feed them. Feed them with real and high emotions and feelings. Gratitude, Love and Joy are just 3 highly vibrating energies that you can use to nurture and feed your deepest intentions. Forget the “what ifs”, the fear, the “I can’t do it’s”. Set your intentions and then nurture them each day, feeling what it would be like to achieve them. Feeling the joy and satisfaction that this year, what you planted in January, came to fruition at some point in the coming days, weeks and months to come.

Happy New Year and wishing that all your intentions reach their fullest potential.

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