The energy of gold, silver & rose gold


This blog is dedicated to the energies of the three predominant colours in our jewellery collection – Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.

The creative process and research groundwork done for all our jewellery spans book after book about Sacred Geometry, about Numerology but also Alchemy and its ‘spiritual’ associations. You shop our jewellery perhaps for its geometric look? Perhaps for a meaning resonates with you? Perhaps for the associated number that might be significant or lucky for you. But if you need it, the colour and energy of metal also dictates something about the power of what you choose to adorn your body with…

Explore and be inspired x


Gold holds the energy of the Divine Masculine principle and is linked to the element of Fire and the Sun. It is successful, abundant, optimistic and positive. Gold is excellent for boosting confidence and self-esteem; fostering understanding and positive change. On a spiritual level, it connects us to higher levels of understanding; to wisdom and enlightenment and enhances our connection with the Divine – which as a result will lead us toward service for the greater good.

Three pieces of INTENT Jewellery hold the energy of Gold.

The Three Tier Labyrinth Necklace – Release

The Tetrahedron Necklace – Empowerment

The Icosahedron Necklace – Universal Flow

To connect with this gilded Divine Masculine principle is to invite it into your life with clarity and focus. Make it your intention to revisit this energy regularly and let it be known that it is welcome, affirming it is for your highest good and potential.


Silver holds the energy of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess energy and the Moon. It is mysterious and magical and linked to intuitive and psychic abilities. Silver is peaceful and cleansing and can be used for healing of physical, emotional and mental wounds or issues; helping to restore balance and lighting the way forward.

Linked to the element of Water, it enables self-reflection of our deepest and most secret nature, helping us to understand our self and seek our highest truth.

As our Geometria Collection is entirely made of a foundation of Silver, the whole collection holds this power. To harness the potential here, consciously connect with the energy of Silver and invite it to enrich your life for your greatest good and soul purpose.

The pieces that solely hold the energy of Silver without any further colour treatments are :

The Sphere with Spiral Necklace – Transformation

The Sphere with Point Necklace – The Present

The Triangle Necklace – Creation

The Cube with Point Necklace – Gaia

The Seven Tier Labyrinth Necklace – Awakening

The Double Helix Necklace – Cosmic Connections

The Octahedron Necklace – Healing

The Dodecahedron Necklace – Soul Purpose


Rose Gold holds the energy of love, grace and elegance. It is intimate, loving, caring and compassionate. Wearing the colour Rose can induce calming effects.

Four pieces of our jewellery currently hold the energy of this colour.

The Twin Circles Necklace – Partnership

The Pentagon Necklace – Love

The Hexahedron Necklace – Grounding

The Flower of Life Necklace – Conscious Living

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