The Geometria Collection . Our Evolution of Consciousness

Our first blog post goes hand in hand with our first collection. Our launch collection, titled THE GEOMETRIA COLLECTION is a seventeen-piece narrative; a deep dive into the mystery and symbology of numbers and sacred geometry. It is the story of our evolution, both physically and spiritually, and each piece of jewellery carries its own meaning of a point along the journey that we take in our human existence. From the void into the physical world and our ensuing evolution from unconscious to conscious living.

This blog is here for you, for clarity and inspiration and so that you can read our collection as one chronological feed. We have taken our inspiration from masters old and new and for whom we give full credit for such wisdom at the bottom of this blog. You, our reader, get the opportunity therefore, to take your own pilgrimage in the footsteps of those who have contemplated the mystery of the universe before us.

Working consciously with an archetypal energy is an ancient practice, totem animals were held sacred by the worlds’ indigenous populations; the reignited ancient practices of sound, colour and crystal therapies are all prime examples; or as we are doing with our first collection, harnessing the power of numbers and sacred geometries. By consciously connecting, with real intent, to an energy; you tap into its innate power and wisdom. This act offers up the opportunity for an expansion of consciousness; an invitation of new knowledge, wisdom and a subtle enrichment of your own energy system. Ultimately this gifts the opportunity for healing of the body, the mind, our emotions and the soul.

The Geometria Collection and our sequential narrative of the human experience begins at Monad. The shape of the circle and No.01 The Monad represent the notions of unity and wholeness and acknowledge our story as a single entity while being energetically linked to all in the stupendous whole. Monad is the silent force, the void and silence from which the Universe was carved and to which we are all connected. Here is the potential of everything.

The energy of Dryad, The Number Two, symbolises a pair of opposites seeking to unite in an urge to return to the oneness and unity of its preceding Number One. In its entirety the energy of the Number Two embodies all of the relationships and choices we face after our inception. It is a fact of life that on earth we experience duality and polarity tension in many forms. The result of which is a diverse world, presenting us with a myriad of choices and experiences for us to explore and discover ourselves in. The Number Two offers the gift of balance and the ability to embrace and accept ourselves and others as we are, in what we want and what we don’t want.

From the wholeness of the Number One we emerge; into the choices and relationships of the Number Two we dive; and then we emerge again as a new creation in the Number Three. The Trinity, or Number Three, is the preeminent symbol in many cultures and belief systems as the symbol of divinity and creation. The triangle shape and its significant points represent the connection of heaven and earth; as a divine union of energy manifesting into matter. The three points remind us of the three elements required to give birth to a new creation.

The Number Four and the cube are the symbols of physical reality. We’ve thus far sequenced from the void of The Number One, through the choices and relationships of The Number Two and the creativity of Number Three. Number Four plants us firmly on solid ground. It is the number and shape of grounding, of the earth and all things material. As much as we like to contemplate higher aspects, the fact is indisputable that our reality is on earth; and working with The Number Four or cube grounds that knowledge and our intentions into our physical experience.

The Number Five and the pentagon are most associated with regeneration and the life force, also known as the Fifth Element. Connected to the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Mean, The Number Five maintains an elusive quality here as well. We can only marvel at how this divine proportion talks to us unconsciously through the beauty and harmony of our bodies, art, nature, music and the cosmos, soothing our Mind and Soul. Linked to this concept of harmonic aesthetics, but also to the spiral; the Number Five is both fertile and beautiful and so unsurprisingly associated with love in all its different guises. The Pythagoreans associated it with the Hieros Gamos; the ultimate union, the marriage of heaven and earth.

Number Six is universally coupled with the shape of the hexagram. This depicts a union of heaven and earth as two intersecting triangles; one pointing upwards and the other down. Their mergence symbolises fertility and the union of spirit and matter. Called the perfect six, the symmetry of this shape boasts efficiency, beauty and harmony- all of which are commonplace in nature, art, the anatomy of insects and modern structures to name but a few. Number Six, through this journey of numerology, is the first where ‘above’ and ‘below’ really interconnect. Its patterns and energy appear to us everywhere, daring us almost to contemplate its meaning and message as it activates in us a greater understanding of our own self and drawing us closer to discovering the secrets and structure of the universe.

The Number Seven is often called the Virgin; in numerology it is the only number whose shape cannot be constructed by a compass and straight edge. It is therefore associated with myth, magic and mystery. It is a heavenly number that just is. Pythagoreans call it the vehicle of life. As a chapter in this narrative, The Number Seven holds the energy of discovery into the unknown and having the courage to do so. Be the seeker of truth and instigate transformation in your life. As Plato said, ‘To attend to the Soul’s development is the highest good we can do’.

The Number Eight, often called the Karmic equaliser, allows us to balance our material and earthly interests and achievements with the progress of our spiritual journey. It is a number of cosmic connections and is symbolic of the great Mother Goddess of creation and nourishment. In mathematics and numerology, the Eight holds the essence of the numbers One, Two and Four – reminding us of the unity we came from, the polarities we live with, the earth we live on and how the feelings and actions bred from these numbers are mirrored in our daily experiences within the cosmos.

The Number Nine is the final single number and represents completion. It is both the resting place and the result of the journey through the previous eight numbers. We sit in the Number Nine with wisdom, clarity and knowledge, ready to take what we have learnt into a new phase of life. We can pause here in our expanded state of awareness and consciousness to release all that no longer serves our highest good. We can give thanks for the experiences and lessons that have made us who we are in this moment and spend time reflecting on the next part of our journey.

The Platonic Solids have been a source of inquest and wonder for millennia. Inspiration for philosophers, mathematicians and geometers alike; their perfection of form, significance and meaning has been relentlessly pondered since their discovery. Each of the Five Solids have been attributed a series of characteristics and properties that symbolically represent the building blocks of our existence. It would be inconceivable not to include them as the finale of our numerological study through the single digit numbers of our Geometria Collection. The Numbers One to Nine act as metaphors of our single entity journeys; from the void in to physicality and our profound emergence from unconscious to conscious living.

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