What Would Love Do?

With Valentine’s Day knocking on the door, it’s a good excuse to write about love. Love in all its guises; and what our life would be like if we were love.

For those of us lucky enough to have experienced the joy and bliss of meeting a complete stranger and feeling that electric charge as both of your energies connect for the first time; followed by the heady days of butterfly stomachs and fast-beating hearts as you start to get to know each other. By days, weeks and months of wanting to spend every possible moment in the presence of that person. Then you can probably hold up your hand and say yes, I do actually know what love is and what it feels like.

But we all know that love is not always that much of an extreme sport. Love greets us every day, in subtle ways we don’t always associate with love; as we connect with our children, siblings, parents, friends and colleagues. And definitely not forgetting the overwhelming kind of love from drooling dog kisses or a hard brush against your leg by the cat.

Love is a language, it is a way of being. If we sat it down opposite hate then we would start to get the idea of what it would be like to be love. Hate is acidic and cynical and bleak; it would see the world through totally different eyes to love. Love is intrinsically good and worthy; it would always find beauty and compassion and forgiveness in the darkest places. Love energises us just as its opposite, hate, drains us of our life force.

How can we hook into love and how do we know when we are acting as love? Simple, just focus on it. Make it your intention now, to live your life in the energy of love. Call on it, invite it, invoke it into your life. You will know when you are there as life will feel just that much better; empathy will come more naturally; as will calm, the ability to react carefully and consciously and with an attitude of gratitude. That argument you had earlier will not appear so grim; you will be able to find compassion for even the most irritating circumstances. Your anger, sorrow and resentments will not have the same hold on you as they did before.

So our challenge to you as we fast approach the festival of love is to use it as your guide. Next time you have a problem, be it with someone or something and you need some help, ask yourself “What would love do?” “How would love sort this out?”

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Sending you infinite love in whatever way you need it just now

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