Where To Find Us @ INTENT Jewellery

For pure ease and to make sure we’re connecting with you on all our social media platforms, here is the round-up of everywhere that you can find INTENT Jewellery out in the world. Simply click the links below to shop and follow

BUY : Website |

For iPhones, open in Safari then as an option, click ‘Add to Home Screen’ to display as an ‘app’ as above

BUY : ETSY | Search/Shop : IntentJewellery

BUY : Tictail | Search/Shop : intentjewellery

Instagram | @intentjewellery

Twitter | @intentjewellery

Pinterest | @intentjewellery

Facebook | @intentjewellery

Villoid | @intentjewellery (App only)

Polyvore | @intentjewellery

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