‘World, I Love You’ Mantrum

‘World, I Love You’ Mantrum

World, I Love You

World, I Love You

World, I Love You

World, I Love You

World, I Love You

World, I Love You

What Is A Mantra?

A Mantra is a sentence repeated over and over again. It is used in meditation, yoga and other mindfulness practices. Its literal interpretation is a “vehicle for the mind”, meaning it is a way of transporting the mind into a deep state of meditation and a way of accessing higher states of consciousness.

A mantra is also an intention. We repeat the mantra over and over with the intention to make a difference; to pave a pathway to transformation, healing and manifestation from one state to another.

Speaking a mantra creates a vibration, much the same as listening to music; and that vibration affects those speaking it and those listening to it. But it also adds its vibration to the quantum field, sending out its powerful message throughout the universe.

Why Repeat It Six Times?

The Number Six is universally associated with the shape of the hexagram. This depicts a union of heaven and earth as two intersecting triangles; one pointing upwards and the other down. Their mergence symbolises fertility and the union of spirit and matter. Called the perfect six, the symmetry of this shape boasts efficiency, beauty and harmony- all of which are commonplace in nature, art, the anatomy of insects and modern structures to name but a few.

Number Six, through this journey of numerology, is the first where ‘above’ and ‘below’ really interconnect. Its patterns and energy appear to us everywhere, daring us almost to contemplate its meaning and message as it activates in us a greater understanding of our own self and drawing us closer to discovering the secrets and structure of the universe. (Excerpt taken from

Why Use This Mantra?

This mantra is to open your-self to Unity Consciousness and Oneness. It is to send and feel Love for all that is. It is to show Love, share Love and send Love to our Planet, our Universe and Cosmos. To all that live and exist on and in it.

By using the word “World” rather than individual people, places, things, situations; we free ourselves from dropping into judgement, fear, or any ego state that prevents us from connecting with unconditional love and oneness. It enables us to offer and send universal love to wherever it is most needed, therefore bypassing our own thoughts, perceptions, prejudices and beliefs.

It is trusting that love will always heal, that love will always seek the highest potential outcome for the whole.

It connects you to the levels of consciousness that resonate with the energy of love, to help you live your life at the highest levels of consciousness possible. This in turn allows others to feel, resonate and experience love.

How To Use This Mantra

Take a few deep breaths with the intention of bringing yourself to a calm and centred state of mind

Let your breathing return to a normal and natural rhythm

Be fully present to this moment

Recite the mantra slowly and intentionally six times, either out load or silently

Put extra emphasis on the words in bold

Hold the intention that the word World represents all that is

When you have finished sit in silence for as long as you want, staying present to the moment until you feel your meditation is finished

Bring your awareness back to the physical space you are sitting in

Re-affirm your connection to the ground, Earth our planet with the intention of grounding yourself back into physical awareness


If you come out of this or any other meditation feeling dizzy or wobbly then you are still “ungrounded”. Try any of the following to reconnect you:

Repeat the last instruction for grounding

Visualise roots connecting your feet to the earth

Go outside and walk barefoot on the grass

Drink water and have something to eat


With thanks and gratitude to Richard Abbot, for finding and sharing this powerful mantra with us.

Cover Photo : The incredible Sara Shakeel, Contemporary/ Conceptual Collage Artist. Instagram @sarashakeel

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